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The Discipline of Business Experimentation

Named a Harvard Business Review "Must Read for 2016," this article explores the keys to institutionalizing data-driven decision-making at leading organizations.
The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

In this Information Age article, APT CEO Anthony Bruce shares his perspective on top emerging trends in analytics, including Machine Experimentation™, self-service analytics, and more.

EIU Report: What to do when data contradicts gut feeling

Based on a survey of over 175 global executives and experts, this Economist Intelligence Unit report explores the increasing roles of analytics in business decision-making.
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Global Banking & Finance Review - The Customer Acquisition Challenge

Global Banking & Finance Review: The Customer Acquisition Challenge - How Banks Can Leverage Analytics to Compete

This Global Banking & Finance Review byline from APT SVP Grayson Clarke addresses how financial institutions can leverage analytics to optimize their acquisition strategy and reach the right customers with the right offers.

Test & Learn for Credit Cards

Acquisition, Activation, Retention: Test & Learn for Credit Cards

APT’s Test & Learn® software is a rapid, automated, and analytically sophisticated solution to allow credit card issuers to analyze all of their campaigns and improve performance across all products and customers.


Q&A: Proactively Identifying and Mitigating Fraud

See how a leading issuer used APT’s software to strengthen its proactive fraud detection process by building propensity models that determine a new account’s likelihood of being fraudulent.

Optimizing Credit Card Rewards

Optimizing Credit Card Rewards: A Financial Services Case Study

A major card issuer worked with APT to rigorously test the impact of different reward offers on customer spend and engagement to understand if Double Rewards Points or Cash Rewards would be more profitable.

World Class Campaign Analytics

Developing World-Class Campaign Analytics

Customers receive billions of offers each year, making it difficult to understand what works best with each customer. Read how banks can develop a robust analytic approach to maximize campaign ROI.

Thumbnail-FS-Improving Profitability within Payments

Improving Profitability within Payments: Test & Learn for Issuers

A leading credit card issuer used APT’s Test & Learn software to evaluate, refine, and target its credit card offers and marketing campaigns to those customers which were predicted to respond most profitably.