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Labor and Staffing

The branch and call center labor force is an important part of success for any retail bank, and APT’s Test & Learn™ approach provides a platform to use advanced analytics to make better staffing and labor decisions.

Using the Test & Learn™ methodology at the employee level shows how any labor or staffing change impacts employee performance, attrition, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction and allows retail banks to make the most profitable labor, training, or staffing decisions.

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    Banking: Staffing Optimization
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    Banking: Customer Segmentation & Targeting
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    Banking: Managing Mobile and Online
  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics

What Are Executives Saying About Test & Learn?

TD Canada

"The APT platform enables us to better leverage the wealth of data in the call center to greatly improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. From strategic questions surrounding outsourcing, to more tactical questions about how frequently we should reach out to customers during a campaign, the APT Suite is helping us improve upon our business."

- Senior Vice President, Phone Channel