Invest in campaigns that drive long-term value


When will large sign-up bonuses pay back? How will new accounts perform in 18 months? And how should projections change to keep up with a dynamic marketplace?

APT AIM provides automated forecasts that are rapidly updated each month to answer these questions for all campaigns.

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Key Benefits of APT AIM


Flexibility and Scale

APT AIM tracks all past and present campaigns in a centralized dashboard, allowing users to view performance over time across customer segments, offer tiers, and KPIs. Say goodbye to manual reports.

AIM business focus

Business Focus

APT AIM’s intuitive workflow empowers business users to make better campaign investments. Built-in scenario evaluation allows analysts to account for various constraints and objectives to optimize acquisition strategies.


Fresh and Accurate Forecasts 

Each month provides new data and insights into customer performance – APT AIM automatically updates forecasts to ensure that they reflect all available information. Don’t let limited resources cause your projections to grow stale.

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