Category Management Insights

Manage every category perfectly


Developed in partnership with merchants, for merchants, Category Management Insights informs the most profitable decisions for each category.

Analyze trends in category growth, responses to promotions, and relationships between products at the store, region, or network level.

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Key Benefits of Category Management Insights


Built for Category Managers

Category Management Insights was designed in collaboration with merchants who were unsatisfied with analytic products that didn’t cater to their needs. It is comprised of a series of “apps” that directly inform merchants’ daily decisions. Say goodbye to pivot tables.


Speed and Automation

Reduce the time it takes to see the results of assortment, pricing, promotional, and placement decisions. As soon as data is available, APT automatically runs analyses customized to the issues most relevant for each user. See results in minutes, not days.



Access deeper insights about the health of your category or program performance without building new reports. Get answers in one click.

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