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The Discipline of Business Experimentation

Rentieren sich Ihre Innovationen?
The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

Was denkt Anthony Bruce, CEO von APT, über Machine Experimentation™ oder Self-Service Analytics? Lesen Sie den Information Age -Artikel und erfahren Sie mehr.

EIU Report: What to do when data contradicts gut feeling

Basierend auf einer Umfrage von 175 Führungskräften und Experten weltweit, befasst sich dieser Bericht mit der zunehmenden Bedeutung von Analytik bei der Entscheidungsfindung.
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Policyholder Retention Initiatives

Optimizing Policyholder Retention Initiatives

Using a Test & Learn® approach to retention, insurers can determine which retention programs profitably foster and grow relationships, and how the impact varies by policyholder, product, agent, or market.

Top Insurance Trends for 2017

Top Insurance Trends for 2017

Explore the top trends shaping the insurance industry in 2017.


Case Study: Ship-from-Store

A retailer leveraged Test & Learn to optimize its ship-from-store strategy, generating incremental sales and less inventory build-up. 

Store Closings and Customer Retention

Case Study: Store Closings and Customer Retention

A retailer leveraged Test & Learn to identfy the optimal stores to close and target retention strategies to specific customer groups to optimize the profitability of its store closure strategy. 

Extending Saturday Hours

Case Study: Extending Saturday Hours

Closing stores too early can lead to missed sales, while keeping stores open too late risks increasing expenses, without providing a boost in sales. Read how one retailer used a Test & Learn approach to determine the best operating hour strategy.

Lane Bryant Profile

How Lane Bryant Uses Market Basket Analyzer to Drive Profits

In this interview with APT, a Lane Bryant Testing Manager discusses how they are using Market Basket Analyzer to drive strategic decision-making across areas such as promotions, merchandising, and store layout.

CMO's Guide to Media Testing

The CMO's Guide to Media Testing

Learn how companies are moving beyond the media mix model by leveraging a Test & Learn approach to optimize their media strategies.

Targeted Wheel Alignment Coupon

Case Study: Targeted Wheel Alignment Coupon

An auto service center used Test & Learn to determine if a wheel alignment coupon drove incremental invoices or subsidized existing behavior, and identify the types of service centers that responded best to the program.


Case Study: Measuring the Impact of Digital Ads

An automaker used Test & Learn to evaluate the ROI of its $700K investment in digital ads and identified that the ads drove a 2.5% lift in unit sales in the test markets.

New Brake Kit Product Intro

Case Study: New Brake Kit Product Introduction

In this case study, an auto parts retailer used Test & Learn to test the introduction of a new brake kit and target rollout to stores expected to respond best, improving the program's value by $8.5MM.

Optimizing Auto Service Lane Operating Hours

Case Study: Optimizing Auto Service Lane Operating Hours

In this case study, an auto service chain uses Test & Learn to measure the profit impact of extending operating hours and targets rollout to highest response dealerships, generating $2.5MM in incremental profit.

Premium Economy Introduction

Case Study: Premium Economy Introduction

A global airline introduced Premium Economy on a subset of its flights and used Test & Learn to decide whether future investments to expand Premium Economy would pay back.