Life at APT

APT creates a culture of fun, hard work, innovation, and collaboration. Employees at APT love coming to work because they love the people they work with! Learn more about what it is like to work in our offices.

Innovation at APT

Our agile approach to development means we can quickly navigate shifting priorities, capture new opportunities, and leverage new technologies. Our semi-annual Hackathons bring together employees across all functions to work in teams to solve unique problems and build innovative solutions during a 24 hour period.


Diversity & Inclusion

APT strives to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all of its employees. Having multiple perspectives is imperative when working with a diverse portfolio of clients and variety of industries. We are committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce.

Giving Back

APT employees are passionate about supporting the local communities where we work, live and do business. From leveraging APT’s data driven mission to aid local non-profits to paid time off for volunteer days, APT is committed to making positive change in our communities.

One way employees leverage their unique skill-sets is to solve challenges faced by non-profits through Data Dives. APT employees partner with a local organization to perform thorough data analysis, with the goal of finding an outcome which will help positively impact the mission of the group.

Most recently, APT worked with the Global Water Challenge to provide data-driven recommendations on how to improve water access in developing countries. Following the data dive in our Arlington office, APTers then travelled to Swaziland to help implement APT’s findings on the ground. Read about their experience here!


Benefits & Perks

APT provides a range of valuable perks - from full health coverage and work life balance options to fully stocked kitchens and game rooms, there is something that everyone can get excited about!


APT Alumni

Our alumni have gone on to do a variety of exciting things – from start-ups, to business school, to academia, and sometimes coming back to APT!  We take pride in our people and are continuously impressed by what they do and the different paths that they take.


At APT, we focus on recruiting world-class talent while building an excited and motivated organization. Don't just take our word for it, read about what others are saying about working at APT.