APT and MATHCOUNTS Announce Data Dive Findings

März 2, 2017

APT Conducts Analyses of Key Initiatives on New School Participation, Existing School Attrition, and Test Question Optimization 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) announced today the results of its data dive partnership with the MATHCOUNTS Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides engaging math programs to U.S. middle school students of all ability and interest levels.

The mission of APT’s data dives is to partner with high-impact, local nonprofit organizations to help them make better data-driven decisions. The data dives are also an opportunity for employees to use their analytical and engineering skills in service of the community. Previously, APT has conducted data dives with organizations including Goodwill of Greater Washington, DC Prep, and Capital Area Foodbank.

After weeks of preparation in conjunction with MATHCOUNTS, APT analyzed initiatives in the following areas during the data dive:

1) New School Participation: One team of APT employees analyzed the types of new schools MATHCOUNTS should target to boost participation, and which outreach efforts will be most successful to drive new school acquisition going forward

2) Existing School Attrition: Another team of APT employees analyzed trends in attrition in MATHCOUNTS participation, including how retention rates differ across geographies and school characteristics, as well as what tactics MATHCOUNTS should use to reduce attrition

3) Test Question Optimization: The third team of APT employees analyzed MATHCOUNTS competition test questions to determine which types of tests will be most successful in maintaining optimal distribution of student scores

APT employees identified a number of trends MATHCOUNTS can leverage to reach more students and create better competition resources. In addition to specific recommendations for targeted outreach, school retention, and test optimization, each data dive team provided MATHCOUNTS with ready-to-use tools and takeaways.

 “APT’s findings are game-changing for us,” said Lou DiGioia, Executive Director of MATHCOUNTS. “As an organization, we’ve talked before about how we wanted to analyze our data, but have never been able to harness it in a way that could change our decision–making. The insights the data dive team provided have empowered us to make changes that will greatly benefit the students participating in our programs nationwide.”

“We are very excited about the depth of actionable findings we were able to share with MATHCOUNTS,” said Matt Lindsay, VP at APT. “We are thrilled to provide such an inspiring organization with key insights to inform its decision-making and help reach as many students as possible.”


About APT

APT, a Mastercard Company, is a leading cloud-based analytics software company that enables organizations to rapidly and precisely measure cause-and-effect relationships between business initiatives and outcomes to generate economic value. Our intuitive and proprietary Test & Learn® software utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, enabling business leaders to conduct experiments and allowing them to make optimal decisions and implement business initiatives at scale. APT also offers products that support decision-making for specific business needs including transaction analysis, space planning, promotion design, category management, and location selection. APT has offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, London, Bentonville, Taipei, Tokyo, Sydney, Chicago, and New York. Visit http://www.predictivetechnologies.com to learn more.

About MATHCOUNTS Foundation

MATHCOUNTS is a nonprofit organization that strives to engage middle school students of all ability and interest levels in fun, challenging math programs, in order to improve attitudes about math and problem solving. Middle school students exist at a critical juncture in which their love for mathematics must be nurtured, or their fear of mathematics must be overcome. For more than 30 years, MATHCOUNTS has provided free, high-quality resources to educators and enriching, extracurricular opportunities to students to lay a foundation for future success. Materials and information are available at www.mathcounts.org.