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Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Fight Back: Economist Intelligence Unit and APT

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Fight Back

Based on a survey of over 250 global retail executives, this Economist Intelligence Unit and APT report explores how online competition is shaping traditional retailers’ strategies.
The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

In this Information Age article, APT CEO Anthony Bruce shares his perspective on top emerging trends in analytics, including Machine Experimentation™, self-service analytics, and more.

The Discipline of Business Experimentation

Named a Harvard Business Review "Must Read for 2016," this article explores the keys to institutionalizing data-driven decision-making at leading organizations.
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Using Test & Learn for Customers to Optimize Promotions

Using Test & Learn for Customers to Optimize Promotions

Learn how one large restaurant chain used APT's Test & Learn for Customers software to optimize their promotional campaign.

Competing with Fast Casual

Competing with Fast Casual

APT SVP Jonathan Marek says that fast casual has been the single most important secular trend in the restaurant industry.

Mistakes in Menu Pricing

Common Mistakes in Menu Pricing

Getting pricing right may be the most challenging task for restaurants. Watch this video to learn the most common mistakes in menu pricing, and why there's a need for a robust Test & Learn process to overcome these challenges.

Optimizing Circulars

Optimizing Circular Investments

Watch this video to see how one leading grocer used APT’s Test & Learn software to evaluate, refine, and target its circular strategy to maximize profits.

Optimizing Channel Migration

Optimizing Channel Migration

This video discusses the growing number of banking customers conducting transactions through online and mobile channels, and the strategic implications of this migration.

Branch of the Future

Branch of the Future

This video discusses how experimentation can help fuel the branch of the future.

Zero Based Budgeting

Enhancing Zero-Based Budgeting with Test & Learn

This video describes how Test & Learn can help guide a zero-based budgeting strategy for CPG manufacturers. 


Designing a Winning Foodservice Program

Watch this video to explore the key factors organizations must take into consideration when designing a foodservice program.

Grocery Cart + Mobile Phone

Top Trends for CPGs

This Packaging Strategies article explores strategic responses to 2018’s top CPG industry trends.


Test & Learn to Improve Patient Compliance

A guide to using test vs. control analytics to improve patient compliance. 

Test & Learn for Advanced Customer Analytics

Advanced Customer Analytics with Test & Learn

An overview of how organizations can improve customer analytics with advanced software for in-market experimentation. 


Optimizing Fuel Pricing – A Test & Learn Approach

Price is the most important factor customers consider when buying gas. This guide outlines how leading retailers identify the right fuel pricing strategy with Test & Learn.