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Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Fight Back: Economist Intelligence Unit and APT

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Fight Back

Based on a survey of over 250 global retail executives, this Economist Intelligence Unit and APT report explores how online competition is shaping traditional retailers’ strategies.
The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

In this Information Age article, APT CEO Anthony Bruce shares his perspective on top emerging trends in analytics, including Machine Experimentation™, self-service analytics, and more.

The Discipline of Business Experimentation

Named a Harvard Business Review "Must Read for 2016," this article explores the keys to institutionalizing data-driven decision-making at leading organizations.
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Innovation in Cable & Telecommunications: The Test & Learn Approach

You’ve likely been tasked with using your data to improve strategies across the customer lifecycle. Read this white paper to learn how in-market experimentation can help you understand which ideas actually work.
Beyond Media Mix Modeling

Beyond Media Mix Modeling

While media mix models are helpful in generating hypotheses, learn why in-market experiments are the only way to isolate the incremental impact of programs and accurately target investments.
Customer Churn

Reducing Customer Churn

While all cable companies understand the importance of reducing churn, few can accurately measure and optimize their retention strategies. Read this white paper to learn how in-market tests can improve retention.

How to Ensure Your Remodels and Renovations Drive Value

Restaurant remodels and renovations are too often perceived as a cost of doing business rather than an opportunity to smartly increase profits by choosing the optimal elements and locations to invest in.
Scientific Testing

Profitable Pricing Using Scientific Testing

Changing prices is one of the most important levers restaurants can pull to impact profits. Learn how restaurants can correctly set and localize prices through in-market business experimentation to drive profits.

Using Test & Learn to Make Smarter Hospitality Investments

This white paper explores how leading hotels are using business experimentation to accurately quantify the impact of strategic initiatives.
Quantifying Guest Satisfaction

Quantifying the Value of Guest Satisfaction

Quantifying the profit impact of guest satisfaction is challenging. This whitepaper explains how APT helps leading hotels target guest satisfaction improvements to where they will drive the greatest profit impact.
Optimizing Online Initiatives

Optimizing Online Initiatives

This white paper, discusses how leading hospitality companies can refine their digital strategies - from OTA partnerships to digital ads - to maximize ROI through in-market business experimentation.
Branch Remodel

Maximizing Returns on Branch Remodel Investments

With robust cause-and-effect analytics, banks can precisely measure branch remodel ROI and optimize future network investments to maximize returns.
Common Testing Challenges

Testing at Retail Banks: Common Challenges and Success Stories from APT

This white paper explains how sophisticated organizations have overcome key analytic challenges to improve profits by millions.
Branch Staffing

Making the Most Out of Your Branch Labor Force

Test versus control analysis allows banks to optimize which branches receive specialized staff and which customers are placed in their books, driving millions of dollars in annual revenue improvement.
Retail Servicing

Strategies for Optimal Retail Servicing

With extensive assortments and increasingly creative in-store merchandising options, the importance of retail servicing has never been greater. Learn how leading CPGs are optimizing retail servicing investments.