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Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Fight Back: Economist Intelligence Unit and APT

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Fight Back

Based on a survey of over 250 global retail executives, this Economist Intelligence Unit and APT report explores how online competition is shaping traditional retailers’ strategies.
The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

The Analytics Evolution - What's Next?

In this Information Age article, APT CEO Anthony Bruce shares his perspective on top emerging trends in analytics, including Machine Experimentation™, self-service analytics, and more.

The Discipline of Business Experimentation

Named a Harvard Business Review "Must Read for 2016," this article explores the keys to institutionalizing data-driven decision-making at leading organizations.
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Brand Innovations

Using Test & Learn for Brand Innovations and Renovations

About 75% of new product launches fail or drastically underperform expectations. Learn how leading CPGs are optimizing new product introductions and renovations with APT’s Test & Learn® software.

Marketing Effectiveness: Accurate Measurement and True Profit

CPGs spend millions or even billions of dollars on marketing each year, but often there is not a clear understanding of the impact. Learn how leading CPGs are optimizing marketing spend with Test & Learn®.
Optimizing Initatives

Optimizing In-Store Merchandising Initiatives

Consumer packaged goods companies that invest heavily in in-store merchandising initiatives can learn how to optimize the impact of their trade spend for different categories, products, and channels. 
Real world v2

Real World Testing & Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Clinical trials continue to be the backbone of the drug development process. However, while clinical trials reveal a drug’s efficacy in an idealized clinical trial setting, understanding how that drug affects patients in the real world can be tremendously valuable as well.

Role of Digital Technology and Automation in Restaurants

The Role of Digital Technology and Automation in Restaurants

How will digital technologies impact the restaurant industry? What should restaurants consider as they plan their technology strategy? APT SVP Jonathan Marek discusses.


The Importance of Testing in a Post-Merger Environment

A post-merger environment is a critical time for organizations to focus on testing. APT SVP Jonathan Marek discusses why.

Call Center Analytics

Call Center Analytics

Watch this video to learn how insurers can use Test & Learn to improve call center performance.

Enhancing Loyalty Programs

Enhancing Loyalty Programs

This video discusses how leading convenience retailers are using Test & Learn to optimize their loyalty strategies.

Maximize the Value of Remodel Investments

Maximizing the Value of Remodel Investments

APT SVP Marek Polonski discusses how one convenience retailer leveraged APT's Test & Learn software to optimize its remodel investments. 

Targeted Promotions

Using Test & Learn to Optimize Targeted Promotions

The best promotions are not necessarily those that have the highest redemption rate. Watch how one restaurant chain used Test & Learn to improve its promotional strategy.

Optimizing Branch Remodel Investments

Optimizing Branch Remodel Investments

A leading retail bank used APT’s Test & Learn software to evaluate, refine, and target their remodel investments.

Big Lots

APT Client Testimonial: Big Lots

Daniel Yokum, Vice President of Strategic Planning at Big Lots, describes Big Lots’ experience using APT’s Test & Learn software.