What decisions does APT's banking analytics software inform?

Different customers, different channels.

Banks must offer a seamless experience across branches, the mobile app, the online platform, and the contact center. Different customers, though, have vastly different preferences. Take a Test & Learn approach to hone in on the best channel strategy for each customer.

Make every marketing dollar go further.

With marketing expenses rising rapidly, executives are under increasing pressure to justify each marketing investment. APT's Test & Learn banking analytics software is built to maximize the ROI of each campaign by identifying the most effective messaging, promotion, cadence, and channel by customer and by market.

Rise to the top of the wallet.

Credit card issuers are locked in a rewards arms race, driving up the cost of acquiring and retaining each new customer. Banks must constantly optimize spend incentives and other offers to maintain and grow these relationships. Test & Learn banking analytics identifies the right outreach for the right customers at the right times.

Invest in winning ideas.

Which outreach strategies most effectively grow AUM? How can you better drive acquisition through advanced predictive analytics, while retaining your most valuable relationships? Wealth Management firms rely on Test & Learn banking analytics to maximize the impact of new sales force tactics, marketing strategies, and book-building approaches.

Make the most of your branches.

Banks are making drastic changes to their layouts, staffing models, and physical footprints in the pursuit of adapting to today’s customer. Test & Learn banking analytics allows banks to minimize the risk of each of these high impact decisions.

How does APT's banking analytics software inform these decisions?

Test & Learn Banking Analytics

Why do you need banking analytics software?

Financial services analytics software for decision-making

Analysis must keep up with decision-making

Decision-makers need banking analytics software that generates insights as they make decisions. With APT, analysts can start and finish analyzing a test program in less than an hour.

Data analytics in banking

Businesses need answers for all programs

Every program provides an opportunity to learn and refine future strategy. APT's banking analytics software empowers organizations to analyze thousands of programs a year, reaching unprecedented scale.

Omnichannel Banking and Predictive Analytics

Customers don’t stick to one channel

Mobile outreach can inspire branch visits. Cross-sell from the contact center can cause online sign-ups. APT lets organizations see the full picture by isolating impact in every channel.

Confidence in APT's predictive analytics for banking and financial services

Analysis must inspire confidence

APT has invested over 500 person years in developing 4 million lines of code, and has 6 patents on its predictive analytics to ensure the most accurate read of every analysis. Get the right answers.  

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