What decisions does APT's Hotel Analytics inform?

Hotel Analytics for hotel promotional strategies

Don’t leave money on the table.

Every hotel executive wants to know, “Which promotions increase bookings enough to make up for lost revenue? How does a campaign in one channel affect bookings across channels?” With APT's Test & Learn analytics software, hotels run small-scale tests to identify the best marketing and promotional strategies before rolling them out broadly.

Not just a cost of doing business.

Hotels spend millions each year to renovate existing properties, but these investments often don’t generate the expected return. Test & Learn hotel analytics maximizes NPV by identifying the true impact of remodels and how it varies by location, while determining if it was the new lobby, signage, or some other element that made the difference.

Make guest loyalty make money.

Loyalty initiatives can come at a high cost: from benefits offered to promotions that may subsidize bookings of already loyal guests. Test & Learn analytics for hotels optimizes rewards programs, down to point rewards and member benefits offered, to ensure that each loyalty initiative grows both loyalty and revenue.

More than a place to sleep.

It’s often difficult to understand the impact of each new guest experience program, from new staffing models to in-room technology upgrades. APT's hotel analytics isolates how each change truly impacts guest satisfaction and how that satisfaction translates to dollars.

Drive more direct bookings.

Rate setting and distribution strategies are the biggest top line growth lever hotels can pull. Yet, balancing the distribution power of OTAs with the value of direct bookings is a challenge. Test & Learn predictive analytics software equips hotels with a targeted and low-risk approach to optimizing key revenue management strategies.

How does APT's hotel analytics inform these decisions?

Test and Learn Hotel Analytics

Why is hotel analytics software necessary for this?

hotel analytics software

Analysis must keep up with decision-making

Decision-makers need hotel analytics software that generates insights as they make choices. With APT's Test & Learn software, analysts can start and finish analyzing a test program in less than an hour.  

data analytics in hotel industry

data analytics in hotel industry

APT's hotel analytics software is built to read a signal in the sea of noise. Test & Learn can even pinpoint the impact of programs that drive less than a 0.5% lift to revenue, allowing you to always know what’s working and what’s not.

confidence in hospitality data analytics

Analysis must inspire confidence

APT has invested over 500 person years in developing 4 million lines of code, and has 6 patents on its advanced predictive analytics to ensure the most accurate read of every analysis. Get the right answers.  

data analytics for hotels

All teams need consistent answers

Which internal team’s evaluation is right? Using APT's hotel analytics, every team speaks the same language, creating “one version of the truth” when it comes to analysis.

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