What decisions does APT's insurance analytics inform?

Optimizing Agent Training with Insurance Analytics Software

Set your team up for success in the field with APT's insurance analytics.

Insurers invest substantial sums to enhance agent productivity, from training programs to enhanced incentive plans and new technologies. Yet, returns on these investments are often unclear. Leading insurers use Test & Learn predictive analytics for insurance to measure the impact of each program before implementing it more broadly.

Give the policyholders what they want.

It’s difficult to understand how new products will affect existing lines, and how different policyholders will respond to rate changes. Insurers use Test & Learn insurance analytics software to isolate the true impact of new product introductions, rate adjustments, and changes to customer communication strategies.

Predictive Analytics in Insurance Industry

Make each dollar go further.

In a mature and highly competitive industry like insurance, effective marketing strategies can drive growth and retention. From brand-building TV ads to direct mail or online co-marketing opportunities, Test & Learn predictive analytics for insurance helps insurers effectively evaluate the impact of each marketing idea before rolling it out.

Advanced Analytics Insurance

Claim success through smarter processes.

The pressure is constantly on to increase the accuracy and efficiency of claims processes. Yet, the technology and strategies necessary to achieve that goal come with major costs. Insurers use Test & Learn insurance analytics software to understand which programs truly enable smarter claims handling, and which need to be refined. 

Dial up call center profits.

Many view call centers as a cost of doing business. But, arming the call center team with the right tactics and routing customers to the right reps can drive significant profit improvements. Test & Learn predictive analytics for insurance enables insurers to design a winning call center strategy by showing which ideas work, and which don’t.

How does APT's insurance analytics inform these decisions?

APT's Test & Learn Insurance Analytics

Why is insurance analytics software necessary for this?

Big Data Analytics in Insurance Industry

Analysis must keep up with decision-making

Decision-makers need software that generates insights as they make decisions. With APT's predictive analytics for insurance, analysts can start and finish analyzing a test program in less than an hour.

Insurance Analytics Tools

Performance data is extremely noisy

APT’s insurance analytics software is built to read a signal in the sea of noise. Test & Learn can pinpoint the impact on metrics like premiums or number of new policies with statistical clarity, allowing you to always know what’s working and what’s not.

advanced predictive analytics in insurance

Analysis must inspire confidence

APT has invested over 500 person years in developing 4 million lines of code, and has 6 patents on its advanced predictive analytics to ensure the most accurate read of every analysis. Get the right answers.

Insurance Analytics Companies

All teams need consistent answers

Which internal team’s evaluation is right? Using APT's insurance analytics, every team speaks the same language, creating “one version of the truth” when it comes to analysis.   

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