What decisions does APT's B2B analytics inform?

Move beyond attribution models.

Which marketing actions actually accelerate the sales cycle and drive revenue? Attribution models tell part of the story – but stop short of isolating the impact of any given touchpoint. Test & Learn B2B analytics isolates cause-and-effect, allowing marketers to focus on the highest ROI opportunities.

Get more out of your sales team.

Opportunities for growth are extensive, but sales resources are limited. Which accounts should you prioritize, and how should you engage them? Test & Learn B2B predictive analytics software isolates the true financial impact of sales interactions, informing strategies that maximize the value of each account.

Make sure the price is right.

How can you set the optimal price to win a new deal without leaving money on the table? Will a rebate drive additional sales, or pull demand forward? Test & Learn B2B analytics answers these and other questions to enhance pricing models and inform the most profitable strategy.

Answer the big questions with Test & Learn.

While A/B digital testing is standard practice for most ecommerce players, there is another type of experimentation that is equally critical: Test & Learn. This cross-channel approach tackles broad strategic challenges, ranging from media optimization to targeting the right customers with winning promotions.

How does APT's B2B analytics inform these decisions?

Test & Learn – B2B Predictive Analytics

Why is analytics software necessary for this?

B2B Analytics Companies

Sales processes are long and complex

Sales cycles are long, involving many stakeholders and touchpoints. APT’s B2B analytics software is built to isolate the true causal impact of every action along the way.

Keep Up with B2B Predictive Marketing

Analysis must keep up with decision-making

Decision-makers need software that generates insights as they make decisions. With APT's predictive analytics software, analysts can start and finish analyzing a test program in less than an hour.  

Consistent Answers with APT’s B2B Analytics

All teams need consistent answers

Which internal team’s evaluation is right? Using APT's B2B analytics, every team speaks the same language, creating “one version of the truth” across the organization.

Confidence with B2B Data Analytics

Analysis must inspire confidence

APT has invested over 500 person years in developing 4 million lines of code, and has 6 patents on its predictive analytics to ensure the most accurate measurement of every analysis.

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