What decisions does APT inform in Telecom?

Hyper-targeted acquisition strategies.

With high cost of acquisition and increasing competition, it is critical to identify which strategies lead to profitable acquisition. Test & Learn goes beyond simply measuring the redemption rate of offers, breaking through the noise to isolate the incremental impact of each initiative for each market and customer segment.

Data-driven insights to drive cross-sell.

When done right, it’s more profitable to increase the value of current subscribers than to acquire new ones. For which subscribers do cross-sell strategies drive enough incremental upgrades to break even? Who should we target? Which offers are most profitable? Confidently answer these questions with Test & Learn.

Retention Video

Minimize churn while maximizing ARPU.

Alternative content options, switchers, and cord-cutters are keeping executives up at night. To stem churn, organizations need to look past models predicting subscribers’ propensity to churn—they need to understand how their retention initiatives actually change subscribers’ behavior. That’s why leaders rely on Test & Learn to optimize their retention strategies.

Get smarter about brick and mortar.

Store networks are a critical distribution network for wireless players, and are increasingly central for wirelines providers too. Executives turn to APT, the world leader in retail analytics, to help them isolate the impact of their merchandising, real estate, operations, capital expenditures, and labor initiatives.

Elevate your customer care strategy.

Call centers don’t have to just be a cost center – each customer interaction is an opportunity to drive value, as call centers impact acquisition, retention, and cross-sell. Test & Learn helps organizations improve onboarding, staff training programs, save offers, outbound calling, and more.

Turn your analytics into a cover story.

Organizations in publishing and media face the challenge of optimizing profits across their many properties. Test & Learn helps measure, target, and refine strategies to enable smarter customer acquisition and, more importantly, smarter tactics for increasing customer lifetime value. 

How does APT inform these decisions?

Test & Learn

Why is software necessary for this?

Keep Up

Analysis must keep up with decision-making

Decision-makers need software that generates insights fast enough to inform decisions. With APT, analysts can start and finish a test or campaign analysis in less than an hour.

insights as nuanced as business model

Insights as nuanced as your business model

APT’s software automatically breaks down program results by customer, market, store, and product line, so you can quickly understand how to target your programs for maximum success.


Analysis must inspire confidence

APT has invested over 500 person years in developing 4 million lines of code and 6 patents to ensure the most accurate read of every analysis, helping you crack your most challenging analyses.

Consistent Answers

All teams need consistent answers

Which internal team’s evaluation is right? Using APT, every team speaks the same language, creating “one version of the truth” when it comes to analysis.

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