APT Illuminate

Build impactful circulars and promotions


Don’t just send the same circular from this week last year. Maximize the impact of every promotion with APT Illuminate.

By integrating and analyzing all promotional data, APT Illuminate tells you which items to promote, which discounts to offer, and where to place each item in the circular.

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Key Benefits of APT Illuminate


Speed and Automation

Spend your time growing your category, not digging through data. APT Illuminate’s insights are available within a day of promotions going live—immediately informing next week’s strategy. Design promotions at the speed of retail.



Ditch the static reports. APT Illuminate allows users to easily drill into any result to understand promotions in more detail without writing any queries. Get to answers without straining IT.


Easily Scalable

Instead of analyzing select promotions due to time and capacity constraints, APT Illuminate enables merchants to instantly understand how all of their hundreds of promotions performed. Leave no promotion unanalyzed.

Success Stories


“APT Illuminate fulfills a critical need, enabling merchants to use data and robust analytics to view the whole picture of their circular and promotion performance.”

Apparel Store

An apparel retailer used APT Illuminate to enhance its promotional strategy for its circulars, generating millions of dollars in incremental margin.


A leading US retailer leveraged APT Illuminate to analyze and optimize its housewares promotions, significantly improving sales and margin.

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