APT Index

Pinpoint performance opportunities with local store benchmarks

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How are sales trending in your stores’ neighborhoods? Where do your stores stack up, and where are they lagging behind?

The APT Index provides a comprehensive picture of store performance to inform better decisions about manager rewards, local operations, and more.

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Key Benefits of APT Index

Local Benchmarks

Local Benchmarks in Real Time

Economic data at the market-level lacks the granularity needed to truly understand what is impacting each store’s performance. The APT Index provides performance benchmarks at the micro-geographic level every week. Give your team the full context.

Explanatory Power

Explanatory Power

Explain true store performance to stakeholders at every level. Target action plans, and free investors from earnings call confusion.


Sales Data, Not Surveys

The APT Index benchmarks are created from actual spend at over 100,000+ locations, rather than imperfect survey data. Reporting straight from customers’ wallets.

Success Stories

Final Four

Learn how the APT Index can show the impact of major events in local geographies, such as the NCAA Final Four tournament.

International Business Award

Read about how the APT Index won a Gold International Business Award for Best New Product of the Year.

London Tube Strike

Use the APT Index to measure the impact of major local events, such as the London Tube Strike in 2015, on retail sales.

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