Market Basket Analyzer

Learn from every transaction


Your transaction data is extremely powerful – are you getting the most out of it?

Market Basket Analyzer unlocks the value of this data to inform promotional design, assortment optimization, pricing, and marketing strategies.


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Key Benefits of Market Basket Analyzer


Not Just Insights, But Decisions

Not just “good to knows.” By focusing on critical factors like attached basket margin and customer loyalty, Market Basket Analyzer generates actionable recommendations that drive profitability. Crack key promotional and merchandising questions.


Speed and Scalability

Transaction data is enormous – details about every item in every basket across every store add up quickly. Market Basket Analyzer is designed to handle billions of rows of data with run times ranging from seconds to minutes. Don’t wait for the answers you need.



Market Basket Analyzer allows you to filter each analysis on a variety of key dimensions such as day of week, time of day, store format, customer group, and more. Get to more robust answers in one click.


Integration and Linkage

Don’t look at your transaction data in isolation. Market Basket Analyzer integrates your customer-level data as well as anonymized and aggregated Mastercard insights to provide deeper understanding that goes beyond your four walls. Get the full picture.

Success Stories

Lane Bryant

“MBA really changed our view of cross-merchandising at Lane Bryant…Management also looks to MBA outputs to inform strategic decisions.”
— Lane Bryant


“APT’s software helped us understand that ‘All Day Breakfast’ generated incremental business by attracting new customers and leading to larger check sizes for existing customers.”
— McDonald's

Charming Charlie

"In the first four months of using APT's software, we ran over 200 basket analyses, including evaluating how many margin dollars each planned promotion would cost us to run, designing product bundles, and informing product placement in stores."
— Charming Charlie

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