Network Planner with Mastercard Insights

Never build an unprofitable location


Two things are needed to make optimal real estate decisions: a powerful dataset and specialized analytics.

APT Network Planner provides both by combining aggregated and anonymized transaction insights from 2.4+ billion Mastercard cards with APT’s world-class analytics.

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Key Benefits of Network Planner with Mastercard Insights

Network Planner MC Insights

Mastercard Insights

Gain a lens into real spending behavior to identify the highest potential locations and optimal co-tenancies. Mastercard insights produce more accurate models, and more accurate models inform better real estate decisions.


Accurate Omnichannel Predictions

Network Planner uses APT’s proprietary Test & Learn analytics to make accurate predictions about the full omnichannel impact of a store opening or closing—taking into account the impact to nearby locations. Double down on the right strategies.


Seamless Integration

Network Planner seamlessly integrates into the real estate planning process. A dedicated team of APT consultants provides industry expertise and ensures best practice analysis. Set your team up for success.

Success Stories

American Business Awards

The American Business Awards recognized Network Planner for its unique ability to combine proprietary insights and analytics to optimize real estate strategies.


“APT’s Network Planner solution will enable our team to reach our goal of further enhancing the ROI for each of our new stores, including new builds and store conversions.”


Case Study

A retailer used Network Planner with Mastercard Insights to generate accurate models and improve new site sales by over $10MM over five years.

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