Space Planning Optimizer

Increase margin by 5%+ with better retail space allocation

Retail Space Planning Software

Your floor and shelf space may be fixed – but the efficiency of that space is not.

Space Planning Optimizer informs optimal trade-offs by determining how much an additional unit of space for each product category will generate. Get the most out of your space; add millions to your bottom line.

Key Benefits of APT's Retail Space Planning Software

Space Optimizer for Retail Space Planning

Localized Recommendations

Give customers what they want, where they want it. Space Planning Optimizer provides specific retail space planning recommendations for each individual store or store cluster. Get local.

Merchandising Analytics and Assortment Analytics

Rigorous Analytics

The fifth foot of space does not perform like the fourth. Space Planning Optimizer identifies the incremental impact of each additional unit of space given to every category to determine what’s most efficient. Take your retail space planning beyond average.

Assortment optimization and space planning software

Speed and Scalability

With a guided workflow that facilitates rapid iteration, APT's retail space planning software informs all space decisions, from planning the layout of a new store to smaller day-to-day changes. Get the answers you need in hours, not weeks.