Test & Learn for Customers

Re-imagine your customer analytics through experimentation

Test & Learn Customer Analytics

Move beyond correlation and get to causation with Test & Learn for Customers.

Whether it’s a new promotion, a retention play, or a loyalty offer, Test & Learn for Customers reads a program’s true impact, and recommends the most profitable action to take with every customer going forward.

Key Benefits of Test & Learn for Customers

Clear Answers with Customer Analytics Software

Clear Answers Change Decisions

Test & Learn is not another customer analytics platform that provides “good-to-know” insights. It changes decisions. By measuring the performance of customers that receive a campaign against a ‘control’ group that does not, APT’s software gives the business definitive answers.

User Experience with Test & Learn Consumer Analytics

Intuitive User Experience

Tasked with managing your company’s customer intelligence? Never spend time pulling data or writing queries again. Test & Learn software guides analysts with straightforward questions; settings can be updated with a single click, and users can dive deeper into results on the fly. Have your team up and running in no time.

Quick customer intelligence with Test & Learn Analytics

Speed and Automation

Companies report analyzing tests six times faster with Test & Learn than with their previous methods. With one click, arrive at preliminary results and models. Empower your team to do more with advanced customer analytics software.

Personalized targeting with customer analytics tools

Targeted Action

One-size-fits-all programs won’t cut it in a world where customers are increasingly expecting personalization. Test & Learn customer analytics automatically determines which customers will respond profitably to each initiative. Get the most value out of every segment. 

Success Stories

SunTrust - APT Customer Analytics Client

“Test & Learn enables us to do complex analysis very quickly with a high degree of confidence. Ultimately, APT’s software helps us better reach our clients with the right outreach in the right channels.”
— SunTrust

Sunoco uses APT Customer Analytics Software

“We look forward to using the software to refine our promotional and merchandising strategies, as well as to generate more nuanced customer segmentations and smarter offers for our APlus Rewards program.”
— APlus

Tween Brands - APT Test & Learn Customer Analytics client

“With APT’s Test & Learn for Customers we now have a systematic and robust approach to testing the impact of each of our numerous customer outreach initiatives and understanding which offers and messaging drive a profitable response.” 
Tween Brands