Test & Learn for Employees

Elevate your people analytics

Test & Learn for Employees People Analytics

People are every company’s most important resource. Pulling the right levers to maximize their potential can unlock significant value.

Test & Learn for Employees isolates the impact of training programs, new incentives, sales force reallocations, and more, recommending the best course of action for each employee.

Insights with APT HR Analytics Software

Not Just Insights, But Decisions

By comparing employees that are part of a new program to similar individuals who are not, Test & Learn identifies common characteristics of those who respond best, and recommends a clear action plan going forward. Take the ambiguity out of staffing and training with APT's people analytics.

User Experience with Test & Learn People Analytics

Intuitive User Experience

Test & Learn is built for business users. An intuitive workflow guides the user with built-in best practices to ensure that each HR analysis is accurately executed for maximum learnings, in minimum time. Run your business, not reports.

Quick workforce planning with APT HR data analytics

Speed and Automation

Users can rapidly analyze massive HR data sets in a matter of seconds, drilling down into each metric, category, and employee attribute. Organizations report analyzing tests six times faster with Test & Learn than previous methods.

Success Stories

Successful HR Analytics for Bankers

A global bank's commercial branch used Test & Learn® to understand the impact of changing banker activities and re-prioritizing leads to identify which bankers could benefit from specific outreach recommendations.

People analytics to analyze workforce incentive programs

An automaker used Test & Learn® to test two versions of a dealer incentive program and target rollout of the best version to the most profitable dealerships, generating an $8MM incremental profit opportunity.

HR predictive analytics for employee training programs

A global bank hoped recent investments in training would provide higher banker satisfaction and sales. They worked with APT to refine their investment in employee training to target those responding best.