Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) Hosts 4th Annual Excellence in Analytics Summit in Bentonville

September 25, 2017

Conference Brings Together APT Executives and Analytics Thought Leaders

Bentonville, Ark. – On September 19, 2017, business leaders from organizations across industries attended the 4th Annual Excellence in Analytics Summit in Bentonville, AR, where they discussed best practices for using APT's analytics software to unlock the value of their data and enhance decision-making. Attendees represented over 20 companies, including Walmart, The Coca-Cola Company and Kellogg’s.

Anthony Bruce, CEO of APT, addressed the Summit on Tuesday morning. He said, “While there are a number of technologies available that business users can leverage for exploring their data, experimentation is the only way to understand the cause-and-effect relationship between business actions and changes in consumer behavior. I’m excited to see the enthusiasm in the Bentonville community for experimentation and continue to be encouraged by the variety of companies using Test & Learn® to make decisions with confidence.”

Galagher Jeff, Vice President, Strategy, Analytics, and Decision Support, Walmart Stores, Inc., also spoke to conference attendees on Tuesday, focusing on driving strategy and value through analytics. He said, “Walmart has a very sophisticated analytics team. What makes Test & Learn stand out is that it enables us to truly use our data to directly make major strategic decisions by distilling which initiatives work, which don’t, and which need to be fine-tuned. This approach is now embedded in our decision-making and drives the data driven culture at Walmart.”

In his keynote address, James Click, Vice President of Baseball Operations, Tampa Bay Rays, spoke about how data and analytics can add value in diverse areas, including sports. He said, “Analyzing data is extremely valuable in the world of sports and enables the Rays to compete despite having one of the lowest payrolls in the league. Just as a sophisticated analytics program can provide businesses with a competitive edge, mapping player performance and other metrics through analysis can help sports teams hone their competitive advantage.”

In addition to the keynote addresses, attendees participated in various interactive breakout sessions, as well as numerous networking events. The breakout sessions covered topics including:

  • Innovation and Testing Trends in the CPG Industry — This presentation addressed how leading CPGs are using experimentation and predictive analytics to adapt to customer and shopper trends

  • Collaboration in Action: Partnering on Test & Learn® for Merchandising and Pricing Initiatives — This discussion covered the nuances of how CPGs can best collaborate with their retail partners, particularly on merchandising and pricing programs, to help unlock greater value from working together

About APT

APT, a Mastercard Company, is a leading analytics software company that enables organizations to rapidly and precisely measure cause-and-effect relationships between business initiatives and outcomes to generate economic value. Our intuitive and proprietary Test & Learn® software utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, enabling business leaders to conduct experiments and allowing them to make optimal decisions and implement business initiatives at scale. APT also offers products that support decision-making for specific business needs, including transaction analysis, space planning, promotion design, category management and location selection.