Apply for Consulting positions

APT is a great environment for starting or building a strategy consulting career. As part of our consulting team, you will play a substantial role on multiple client teams and gain exposure to a wide range of industries.

Why you should join APT’s Consulting Team

  • Significant impact: All consultants develop strategies to address the top business challenges faced by some of the world's largest corporations.
  • Diverse industries: APT works with many Fortune 500 companies across a number of industries, including Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive, Financial Services, and more.
  • Diverse problems: APT's consultants help companies optimize decisions across many functional areas including marketing, pricing, network expansion, operations, and merchandising.
  • Executive interaction: Consultants work closely and advise top-level executives at some of the worlds most influential brands.
  • Professional growth: APT’s small-company, fast-growing environment offers the opportunity to rapidly increase responsibility and be promoted.
  • Collaborative environment: Our consultants work closely with APT peers and clients, providing opportunities to learn from others’ experiences.
  • Consulting + Technology: Consultants have the opportunity to develop a career in strategic problem solving while also observing the inner-workings of a leading software development organization.
  • Entrepreneurial: As a small company, every APT employee plays a critical role in shaping the company’s future.

Career Paths

  • Business Consultants work on consulting projects across a wide range of industries. They play a substantial role by leading data-driven business analysis, drafting presentations, and developing relationships with our clients’ analysts. This requires outstanding analytical/quantitative skills, hard-working professionalism, and team work. You will work closely with Engagement Managers, Principals, and Vice Presidents and gain experience to take on larger responsibilities.
  • Engagement Managers at APT lead projects. They are responsible for understanding clients' key business issues, structuring analyses to address those needs, and mentoring Business Consultants. They lead client presentations and are responsible for maintaining client relations. This requires them to have both broad business skills and detailed analytical abilities. Engagement Managers typically have 3+ years of consulting or similar experience.
  • Principals at APT lead projects and own client relationships. They have primary responsibility delivering successful projects and securing further projects for a client. They develop key client strategies, build relationships with our clients’ executives, and are a resource to others for problem structuring. They challenge and change APT’s current practices and contribute to the firm’s intellectual capital. Principals typically have 5+ of years of consulting or similar experience.
  • Vice Presidents leverage their experience to take a leadership role across various dimensions of client services and the firm overall.

Jamie Yang
Engagement Manager

“Starting on day one at APT, you are tasked with a ton of responsibilities on work that is both challenging and stimulating. Your mind feels stretched at times, but you are surrounded by like-minded people who love to solve difficult problems and are always willing to help.”

Kanterman Jenna

Jenna Kanterman
Principal Consultant

“One of my favorite parts of Consulting at APT is the variety of work that I get to do in any one day: analysis for one client, deep dive into the data for another, and discuss key elements of marketing strategy with yet another set of senior clients. This variety means that every day I learn something new, whether that's new skills or new industries.”


Cornelius Kaestner
Senior Vice President

“What I like best about Consulting at APT is the opportunity to open our clients’ eyes to the value that new and innovative analytics can bring to their biggest business challenges. It is particularly enjoyable to see visible excitement on the faces of senior executives in response to new and different ways to think about running their business.”