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APT is a great environment for starting or continuing to build a career in database technologies and information management. Our collaborative, non-hierarchal, collegial environment ensures that the data management team has the opportunity to innovate and learn from their fellow exceptional peers across the company.

Data management at APT is unlike data management at any other company. You will have the opportunity to work with terabytes of complex data that supports our enterprise software and consulting services. The work of our data management team is the foundation of our software suite, Test and Learn™, that helps Fortune 500 companies make multi-million dollar business decisions. If you are interested in a career where you can make a direct impact, work with bright peers, and help shape the future of business strategy, then data management at APT may be just for you!

Why you should join APT’s Data Management Team

  • Significant impact: The Data Management team is responsible for designing, implementing, automating, and maintaining large scale enterprise ETL processes. This is a vital component of APT’s process to develop unique solutions to the wide range of business challenges presented by its clients.
  • Diverse industries: APT works with over 40 Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart, CVS, Lowe's, Starbucks, and Victoria’s Secret.
  • Big data challenges: Maintain, organize, mine, and analyze massive and complex data sets – think transaction level detail across clients.
  • Professional growth: APT’s small-company, fast-growing environment offers the opportunity to rapidly increase responsibility and be promoted. 
  • Collaborative environment: The Data Management team works closely with APT peers in both consulting and engineering, as well as with peers at our client companies, providing numerous opportunities to learn from others’ experiences.
  • Entrepreneurial Culture: As a small company, every APT employee plays a critical role in shaping the company’s future.

Career Paths

As a small, but rapidly-expanding company, APT provides inimitable opportunity for fast professional growth and development. No two career paths at APT are exactly alike, but all share a common grounding of flexibility, individualized pacing, and responsibility. APT will mentor and guide you to increased responsibility and leadership roles within both individual projects and the firm.

  • Database Analysts work closely with consultants on specific project teams. With help from other members of the data management team, analysts are able to efficiently and effectively design, implement, and automate client data ETL processes. You will work with senior management to determine data requirements, business data implementation approaches, best practices for data manipulation, storage, and analysis strategies.
  • Lead Database Analysts have greater responsibility and ownership. They still work on project teams but play a larger role in managing the technical aspects of their client projects and also contribute to the on-going development of APT’s technical infrastructure. They will take on more of a mentor role to help newer database analysts and consultants quickly learn, minimizing the learning curve.
  • Principal Database Analysts engage on a wide variety of topics across the data management team and work with peers in IT Operations and Software Engineering. Their depth and breadth of technical knowledge becomes an invaluable resource for the organization.
Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams
Database Analyst

“The innovation culture within the data team means that even within your first months you can be having a real impact not only to your client teams but also the company as a whole. If you have an idea there is always someone ready support and help you make it happen.”

Venkat Nikila

Nikila Venkat
Lead Database Analyst

“My favorite part of being a member of the data management team at APT is the variety of projects I get to work on. On a given day, I’m splitting my time across multiple client teams as well as data team-specific efforts such as training and stored procedure development.”

Radhakrishnan Vivek

Vivek Radhakrishnan
Vice President, Data Management

“One thing I love about Data Management at APT is that we get the ability to work on client facing engagements as well as to work on internal development. The Data team role fits perfectly in between Consulting and Engineering, which allows us to explore interests in both domains”