Apply for Engineering positions

Working as an engineer at APT, you can get the satisfaction of helping to build a great company while also influencing the strategies of leading Fortune 500 companies. You are exposed to the workings of large corporations while having an impact at a small, tight-knit office. You can focus on innovative technical solutions while working closely with users to shape the software to meet clients' needs.

Why you should join APT’s Engineering Team

Have a direct impact on the direction of our software and on how businesses make decisions

  • Be a member of a small and influential team developing a brand new software offering that will help change decisions for the more than $2 trillion in annual sales that APT processes.
  • Do more than just add a "check-mark" to the page. Typical analytic innovation can lead to changed decisions worth millions of dollars.
  • Get direct feedback from senior team members on a daily basis.

Work with brilliant teammates

  • Our team members were the highest performers at the best schools, and our people are the key reason that the Washington Post ranked APT a Best Place to Work in the DC metro area.

Solve previously unsolvable challenges

  • We tackle machine learning, find signals in a noisy environment, continually automate what users do with our software, creatively visualize data, and write patentable algorithms.

 Innovate Rapidly

  • Our code is rapidly deployed to our users, allowing fast feedback and innovation.
  • Our agile approach to development means we can quickly navigate shifting priorities, capture new opportunities, and leverage new technologies.
  • It's not uncommon to travel to a Fortune 500 customer's headquarters and get feedback on the feature to build directly from them.
  • Participate in our frequent "Hack & Learn" hackathons; everyone including our CTO joins in on the fun.
  • Use the time we set aside for "self-directed engineering" developing cool new features based on what you think will win with customers..

Our growth means we want you to grow fast too

  • Lead teams after only a couple years out of college, present your work to the CEO, and share at firm-wide meetings (if that's your thing).
  • We invest in our employees and many build long careers at APT; for those that decide to move on, many have successfully started new companies, joined startups, or joined famous software giants.
Stallworth, Ben

Ben Stallworth 
Senior Software Engineer

"As an Engineer at APT. you can learn about and work on very different parts of software development. In the same day I have spent time optimizing the performance of SQL queries, exploring a new javascript framework for front-end components, and proving out the math behind our logistic regression implementation. You don’t have to be stuck doing the same thing over and over.”


Brittany Cohen
Principal Quality Assurance Engineer

“I love working at a company where everyone is very excited about the work they are doing. This creates an awesome environment and makes me really excited to come to work every day!”


Dave Kreps
Senior Vice President, Engineering

“Our relentless focus on the problem and not the process is what makes APT unique.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to problem solving.  We empower our teams to solve challenges in the way that works for them, encouraging experimentation and constant self-reflection.”