Product Management & Design

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APT’s software helps some of the world’s largest organizations make smarter strategic decisions by taking approaches no one else does. It harnesses the power of terabytes of data, develops insights based on cutting-edge business analytics, and generates direct business recommendations worth millions of dollars.  On the Product Management & Design team, you’ll partner closely with brilliant engineering and business minds to develop and execute a vision for our software that expands the frontier of data-driven business analytics.

Why You Should Join APT’s Product Management & Design Team

Have a Direct Impact on the Direction of Our Software and How Businesses Make Decisions

  • Become a member of a small and influential team developing a new software offering that will add more than $2 trillion in value annually.
  • Do more than just “design features.” Working with APT can lead organizations to change decisions worth millions of dollars.
  • Receive direct feedback from senior team members on a daily basis.

Work with Brilliant Teammates

  • Our team members are the best and the brightest; our people are the key reason that the Washington Post ranked APT as one of their “Best Places to Work” in the DC metro area.

Work to Problem-Solve and Overcome Major Challenges

  • We tackle projects related to machine learning, isolating the direct impact of business actions, continually automating what users do with our software, creatively visualizing data, writing patentable algorithms, and more.

Innovate Rapidly

  • We rapidly deploy our product to our users, allowing fast feedback and innovation.
  • Our agile approach to development means we can quickly navigate shifting priorities, capture new opportunities, and leverage cutting-edge technologies.
  • It is not uncommon to travel to the headquarters of a Fortune 500 client and receive direct feedback on building features.
  • We offer opportunities to participate in our frequent "Hack & Learn" hackathons; everyone – including our CTO – joins in on the fun.
  • We have time set aside for "self-directed product development," enabling you to design cool new features based on what you think will win with clients.

Our Growth Means We Want You to Grow Fast, Too

  • Lead teams after just a few years out of college, and have opportunities to present your work to the CEO and share updates at firm-wide meetings.
  • We invest in our employees and many build long careers at APT; of our alumni, many have successfully started new companies or joined startups or famous software giants.


No two career paths at APT are exactly alike. But all share a common grounding of flexibility, individualized pacing, and responsibility. Typically, as a college graduate, you will start as an Associate Product Manager or User Experience Designer. From there, you'll take on increasing responsibilities and more substantial leadership roles within the firm.

Product Managers at APT are responsible for driving the overall product strategy.  That includes setting a vision and strategy, prioritizing features to develop, designing requirements, and evangelizing the product. To get all this done and drive tangible value for our Fortune 500 customers, Product Managers partner closely with Client Services, User Experience Designers, Engineering, Sales, and Marketing. Our Product Mangers have highly tuned analytic skills and a breadth of business knowledge that spans numerous verticals and functional areas, which they apply to each problem to ensure broad applicability.

User Experience Designers at APT champion users’ needs from requirements gathering through implementation. Designers have broad skillsets and take ownership of the design process, including research, visual design, and testing. To increase their understanding of different use cases and constraints, designers work closely across departments, including Product Management, Engineering, and Client Services. Ultimately, designers drive the design of interfaces and interactions from start to finish.​


Meg Gloudemans
User Experience Designer

“As a UX designer at APT, I get to work on projects ranging from small enhancements to completely new features, which means that every day is different. I also sit with the engineering team that builds my designs and it’s pretty cool to see them come to life so quickly!”


Rohan Mazumdar
Product Manager

“Being a ‘flat’ organization is not just a buzzword at APT, it’s very much in the lifeblood of the company.”


Jason Shore
Vice President, Product Management

“Product Management at APT is different because of the scope of contributions you’re able to make. Identifying user stories and crafting requirements are part of the role, but we also partner very closely with UX designers, and PMs often take the lead on analytic investigations. We have the chance to work on many facets of a product across multiple industry verticals or clients.”