Business Resource Groups

The Business Resource Groups provide employees with an opportunity to get involved in things that might not otherwise be a part of their day-to-day job functions. Members are able to enhance their own cultural awareness, develop leadership skills and network across business units and levels.

Below are our current Business Resource Groups (BRG), which represent some of our affinity groups at APT. As we grow, our mission is to increase the number of BRGs and develop them to provide support for our expanding workforce.

Pride Business Resource Group
The Pride group fosters an environment of inclusiveness and respect so LGBTQ employees feel comfortable being open about their lives, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
WLN Women's Leadership Network Business Resource Group
The Women's Leadership Network seeks to advance women's careers and performance through a culture of mentoring and coaching.
Latin Business Resource Group
The Latin Network brings together employees of Latin descent for professional development and networking, while offering insights into the Hispanic consumer segment and organizations.
BAE (Black APT Employees) is a Business Resource Group aimed at growing an inclusive community for Black/African/African-American employees, through mentorship, peer-to-peer relationships, social events and support for APT’s diversity recruitment initiatives.
EAST Business Resource Group
EAST is a Business Resource Group with the goal of a building community of employees who have affinity toward Asia either by heritage or interest, by examining workplace dynamics as related to Asian/Asian American heritage and addressing concerns through programming. EAST is also focused on fostering professional growth for members through workshops and mentorship.